Discover Estonia



Estonian flagThe thousands of years of history that swathe Estonian cities conceal the most modern of living standards.

The shortest of strolls through any of the larger cities' old towns will take you on an unexpected journey along narrow cobblestone streets between historical buildings only to emerge in view of a high-rise in all its glass and steel glory. And while the medieval players entertain the people on the streets, the white-collar workers in the offices overlooking them are putting the country's pioneering technological achievements to everyday use.

Venture outside city limits and immerse yourself in the country's ancient natural history - the stands of forest unbroken for miles, the beauty of its marshes and bogs stretching to the horizon, its sandy beaches and seaside pine groves, and the romance of its little islands.

Estonia has everything you need in a holiday, be that 5-star luxury or something more adventurous. It has just as much to offer the business traveller organising big-city meetings and conferences as well. In fact, whatever your tastes, we cater to them - whether it's the country lifestyle, getting back to nature and spending long hours discovering its untouched splendour, or nightlife and partying hard well into the wee hours.

Estonia's a year-round destination, too. While away your long, warm summer days on the beach or set off on a hike through the pristine countryside, and then come back in winter and head to the forests for the delights the thick blanket of snow has to offer.

What you'll take away with you from a trip to Estonia won't easily be forgotten, and almost everyone who sets foot in this tiny little Baltic state can't wait to return.



Marko Kaldur text author