International traffic


By Air

AirtrafficThe main international airport of Estonia is the Lennart Meri Estonia Tallinn Airport. A large number of international flights connect Tallinn with a variety of European cities.

Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport, rebuilt and renovated in 2008, is just 3 kilometres from the city centre and is easily accessible by taxi or bus No. 2. Updated timetables and flight information can be found at

Another airport, situated in Estonia's second largest city Tartu, also provides a gateway to various European cities and airports. Updated flight plans of flights departing from Tartu Airport are available at

Numerous certified airfields have been established for those arriving via private charter flights, as well. The directory of Estonian airfields can be found at



By Sea

Sea trafficFor tourists, sea route is the most preferable one for travelling to Estonia. More than seven million passengers pass Estonia's international sea gates in a year accompanied by intra-country traffic connecting mainland Estonia with islands.

Regular lines to neighbouring countries are served on year-round basis via Old City Harbour (Tallinn-Helsinki, Tallinn-Mariehamn-Stockholm, Tallinn-Helsinki-Rostock) and seasonally in Linnahall Harbour (Tallinn-Helsinki).


Passenger information +372 631 8550
Additional information:
Eckerö Line
Viking Line
Baltic Scandinavian Lines

The Estonian coastline is dotted with numerous yacht and small ports which have become quite popular among travellers arriving via the sea.

Details about seasonally open ports:



By Coach

There are regular international bus connections between Tallinn and other European cities. Coaches offer direct services to Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Ukraine and Russia.



Train TrafficBy Rail

There are international train lines departing from Tallinn towards Moscow, as well.

Info regarding departures and visa regulations: